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Alison has been a nutrition consultant for several large Fortune 500 companies, including one in which she was the sole dietitian on an award winning global wellness team.

Companies today are investing in employee wellness programs because research shows that healthier employees are happier, less costly and more productive. Alison's role is to educate employees on good nutrition, shopping, food label reading, eating on the run and many other nutrition topics. Alison also consults with a company's onsite food service vendors so that employees have healthier options while at work. Working people juggle long work hours & family so there may be limited time for cooking and shopping. Alison understands this and works with individuals to create a practical plan that works into a client's busy lifestlyle.

Corporate wellness in the Boston & Providence areas

Nutrition Lunch & Learn education topics include:   

  • Diabetes Prevention:  Research shows that small lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by almost 60%!   We will focus on weight loss, exercise and healthy eating.  Blood sugar testing/ diabetes screening is also available.
  • Diabetes Management:  Participants will learn all aspects of living healthy with diabetes:  eating properly, exercise, testing blood sugar, daily foot checks and other important self management skills.
  • Healthy Weight For Life:  There are no short cuts to maintaining a long-term healthy weight.  Participants will learn how to get back to the basics of good nutrition & exercise  for long-term success.   
  • Heart Healthy Nutrition: A healthy heart is important for everyone at every age.
  • Eating on the Run:  In many jobs (business travelers, those in sales or delivery drivers) eating out is very common.  Participants in this class will learn the important skill of making the right food choices wherever the are.