Katlyn Patton, MS, RD, LDN

Pediatric Dietitian

Joining the practice Fall 2018!  

" I consider myself very lucky that I grew up in a home where well balanced, home-cooked meals were the norm. Watching my family cook and enjoy food together helped me develop a love for food at a very young age. My appreciation for food grew throughout my adolescence because, as an athlete, I experienced how my food choices impacted my energy and performance. I learned that food is not only meant to be enjoyed but it is also meant to nourish and fuel our bodies.

When I began my freshman year of college at Villanova University I planned to pursue a career in medicine because I was interested in science and how the body works. My career plans changed after spending a summer interning alongside a Registered Dietitian who specialized in dietary management of epilepsy. I was fascinated by the concept of using food as medicine and ecstatic that I discovered a career where I could combine my love of science with my passion for health and nutrition. I graduated from Villanova with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and then moved to Boston where I completed my Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at Boston University.

After graduating from Boston University I began working at Franciscan Children’s Hospital as a clinical pediatric dietitian and continue to work there today. The unique setting has allowed me to gain experience working with children and young adults with a wide variety of medical histories and nutritional needs. It has reinforced my belief that there is not a “one size fits all” diet and that the most sustainable diets are those that are individualized. Reflecting back on my own childhood, I recognize the importance of establishing healthy habits early and am passionate about helping children learn to enjoy and appreciate food the way that I do by teaching them about all of the amazing things it can do for their bodies. I strongly believe that healthy eating does not need to be complicated or restrictive and love working with children and their families to discover ways to enhance their diet by focusing on diversity, balance, and flexibility.​ "